3 romantic places to visit in Pune

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3 romantic places to visit in Pune..!

Enjoy an enticing retreat with your loved one, by visiting romantic places in Pune. These places
offer mouthwatering dinners and adventures for adding unforgettable memories in your love
diary. There is wide gamut of best places to visit in Pune which are popular for thrilling nightlife
along with pictorial locales for couples. Sounds wow? Well! These romantic places in Pune act
as perfect weekend gateways for the one whom you love unconditionally. Whether you want to
spend whole night in a camp and would love to lose yourself in the eyes of your loved one or
you are looking for some adventure with your dear one, Pune has all such places.
So are you excited to know about all these places? You should be. Let’s know the places:

Camping at Pawna Lake
This site should come in your preference list, if you are in search of romantic place with some
adventure. Give a treat to your eyes by visiting this place where you will love to spend romantic
moments in a camp with stunning landscape. Express your love in the lap of nature enclosed
with breathtaking surroundings. Are you fond of paragliding, campfire, zip lining, rifle shooting and other exhilarating activities? If yes, then give your loved one a wonderful treat at Pawna Lake.

3 romantic places to visit in Pune..!

Visit Lonavala for hot air ballooning
Fly in hot air balloon with your dear one in Lonavala. It is one of the best places to visit in Pune
which allows you to greet stunning valleys, leafy hilltops and elegant lakes under you. Gift your
dear one an elegant hot air balloon ride which will be the most adventurous experience. Get
the best views from hot air balloon especially at the time of sunrise and sunset. So, if you are
ready to fly in the air like a bird then balloon ride is waiting for you in Lonavala.

Walk in a romantic mood in Empress Garden

Get privacy with a romantic feeling in Empress Garden of Pune. It is the most happening place

covered with blooming flowers and trees which makes it a perfect place for expressing your

love. This picnic spot has blessings of nature and has pollution free environment. You can also

see some rare flora species in Empress garden with beauty of some annual flowers.

So, don’t wait now, pack your bags and go for the trip!

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3 romantic places to visit in Pune..!
3 romantic places to visit in Pune..!

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