5 Realistic ways to control your anger

Do you become aggressive? if yes then today I am going to share some tips which would be helpful for you and it is based on my personal Experience.

1. Think about the outcome of your anger.

Right if you have the habit of anger and you get aggressive within seconds then think before you get aggressive. If you know that aggression is not gonna solve your situation then you better know why should you stop it.Whenever I get become aggressive I immediately think about the outcome of the situation in which I am getting aggressive and if the outcome is negative then I stop being aggressive. This is what I do and Believe me it works. It depends on your perception of seeing a situation and if your perception of looking a situation is negative then you won’t able to control your anger but if your perception is positive then you will sort out the situation without being aggressive.

A person who has control on his mind can sort out any negative situation without being aggressive.

2. Think about the reason of your aggression.

Some people have a bad habit of anger. They get angry at such small issues which today no one even thinks. These are issues like “You have not returned my 20 rupees yet” “They have not given me a gift ” I don’t have money ” and so many silly issues. Well, These are not the reasons of getting aggressive. let’s suppose you are getting angry at others because you don’t have money. Now, do you really think that anger is the solution here, does anger make you rich? definitely no then why should you get angry in this silly issue?If you stuck in these small issues then don’t waste your time there don’t get aggressive in these small issues because if you do get aggressive in such issues then you will have the bad habit of aggression.

3. Take responsibility for your anger

people often say that anger comes to them they don’t anger. It’s funny that it is not like the pee which comes to you and that you can’t stop. So stop saying that anger comes to you instead you should say that I do anger deliberately and take the responsibility of it.As usual, we do anger where we have control and we don’t do it where we don’t have control. We don’t burst out our anger on our boss but the same anger we take to home and start bursting on our Family members. Right, because we know that if we burst out our anger on our boss then our job could go out that’s why we burst out our anger to our family members.

Day’s whole aggression when we take home we immediately burst out to our family members. Right

Confess that anger doesn’t come to you because you do it.

4. Conserve the energy of anger and give it the right direction.

Buddy, I said right direction 😂😄

If I get angry by someone then what I do is I conserve my energy and use it in my work. I use it in my work so that after some time I can proudly say to them that why I hadn’t got anger at the time when you told me that thing. This makes their mouth shut and it makes me strong.

when someone taunts you about your work then instead of getting angry conserve the energy and use it on your work later on your work will shut their mouth.

5. Always Keep a rubber band in handy.

Those people who couldn’t control their anger can try this technique just Stretch the rubber band to express your anger. It helps to control your anger. Instead of Expressing your anger physically express it by stretching the rubber band. It makes you cool down without spoiling the situation.

Anger is good in some situation but if you overuse it then you will have a bad habit of anger.


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