5 Reasons Why should you start writing your own Quote

A quote is something which I really like and do write often in a week. It is a Short message which you see on the blog post, Wall, photographs, books, classroom, cinema, almost at Everyplace. And if I talk about myself when I see the Quote I not even blink my eyes until I read it completely. Because I am curious about what special message is written in the Quote. .If it is a funny message, inspiring message, safety or precaution message ,or it could be about anything.

We read lots of Quotes every day because whenever we see a Quote it attracts us. sometimes it attracts us by its infographics or sometimes by its message.

5 Reasons why should you start writing your own quote .

1. It spread positivity and inspiring message among people –

Whenever I write inspiring, motivational Quote My motive is that people should get inspired by my Quote in the same way I get inspired by other Quote.

I am inspired by someone’s quote so much that it comes to my mind every day. The message which has written in that Quote reminds me of the real-life situation and when I face the same situation I get inspired by that Quote.

The Quote which comes to my mind Everyday is do one thing Everyday that scares you” This is an inspiring quote, isn’t it?

Now what happens to me is that whenever I see a challenge in my real life or work which I am afraid of doing, This one quote motivates me and tends me do face challenges.

If we could get inspire by someone’s quote then why shouldn’t we inspire people by our Quote? Yes, it is doable and we can also make any kind of quotes whether it is about motivation, inspiration, digital marketing, fashion, entrepreneurship it could be any niche to inspire people.

5 Reasons Why should you start writing your own Quote

2 . you become more creative with playing words.

A quote is all about playing with valuable words of your real life Experience and arranging it in essence of understanding that anyone can understand your feeling, emotions, perception which you have put in your message while writing the Quote.

You become more creative when you start making quotes. Just forget about what you will write in the next quote because it is the same as blogging where you get a unique idea Every day.

I still know that on the first time when I start writing Quote I thought what I will write on the next quote but then day by day I get ideas about the quote which I do implement in every quote.

Well, it is not necessary that I have to be a person who is great and has done something inspiring, appreciatable work so that now I can inspire people.

This is not the case because a lot of people write Quote who are actually not great but they get ideas to spread positivity among other people on behalf of their real-life Experiences and other Experiences.

In fact, you become grateful when someone gets inspire by your quote.


I write Quote not Everyday but at least 6 times in a month but It doesn’t matter how many quotes you write for your Audience. what matter is how many of your Quotes get inspire and touch the heart of Audience.

I write these quotes As per my real-life experiences or others experience and which I would like to share it with others. That’s why I started sharing it with others.

When you get familiar with writing quotes you become more creative in it. you start playing with words and start replacing words as per it usage .you become aware of the word position and you know which words you have to place where.

Like this way your creativity start increasing when you start writing quotes.

3. You Quote becomes the part of daily Routine and speech.

I have been noticing myself that whatever quote I have written yet becomes part of my speech. I use it often in speaking. It becomes much easier for us to speak the Quote in real-life. It is quite more easy to convey your content by quote.

I think it is much easier to speak quote than to speak whole your content of the blog.

It will grace your speech. Ya, it does suppose you have to deliver a speech about “what is Blogging”. You know so much about blogging but you forget something at the time while delivering it so here who rescue your speech to not get spoil is your quotes. Right your all quotes related to blogging comes to mind when no one comes.

The only condition if you have really made the Quotes then it will rescue your presentation.

If the same happens to me I would speak my quote about blogging that is ” Blogging is all about sharing something which adds value to people’s lives”

If nothing is coming to mind then definitely I would love to use this Quote. It depends on whether you have made quotes on the topic which you are going to speak.

4. It generates Huge traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

The ultimate benefit of writing Quote is you get huge traffic to your blog. How does it happen well let me tell you when you have a blog post about a topic and when you want your Audience to come to your blog from different ways.

So what you can do here is that you can make 2 or 3 pins about your blog post and in these pins write different quotes related to your main blog post. In all three pins add the website link of your main blog post.

Now what will happen is that when someone clicks on all your three pins then he ultimately goes to your main blog post. Yes anyone can make 2 or 3 pins with different quotes to drive the Audience to their desired main blog post.

Most of the bloggers write different Quotes with different pins so that they can attract more audience to their main blog post. Well, it works for everyone. So start making Different quotes for your main blog post and start pinning it.

To make it more different write the specific description to different pin this will not just make your pin different but unique from others.


This is my Social Quotes on my Pinterest account.

5. Your signature Quote becomes viral.

Have you Ever noticed there are some Quotes which we often see in each social platform? These are the quotes which become so trending that we see it Everywhere.

Actually, these are Signature Quotes of someone which goes viral because the audience loved it. Signature Quote means some Quotes which goes viral Everywhere and these are the Quotes which people often copy paste in Every social platform and make it trending as like YouTube video.

So chances are still present with you that anyone of your Quote becomes viral in social media. The audience loved your Quote and make it viral. It really looks awesome when one of the My quotes becomes viral. I Extremely feel good, if it happens.

Even you could make separate Niche for Quotes.

If you are the person who loves to write Quote and often read so many Quotes Everday then you have an opportunity that you can make it your niche where you talks about Quote Everyday, you talk about Good morning Quotes, Goodnight Quotes, Quote of today, almost you talk about Every kind of Quote.

There are lots of Website on Google which talks about Quotes. Their niche is Quote. They update their Quotes daily.

Brainy Quote is the website where you can see lots of Quotes. It is specially made for those who love to read Quote. Here you will see lots of category about Quotes.

So as like Brainy Quote website, you can also make it your niche where you just talks about Quote.

Even you can make a blog post like ” best 100 Inspiring Quotes,” Top 10 Fashion Quotes”, “Quote of today”,” Top 15 Motivational Quotes.

It is a great way to show your Quotes with separate blog post .put your Top 100 Inspiring Quotes with Each description and publish it.


Use canva to make Quotes

Really it is a great tool to make infographics for your Quote. It has a variety of beautiful theme and so many special features free and pro. Use it and make your quote more tempting.

I personally use canva and I have a great experience with it .you can make any kind of infographic with it. It can be of any niche. Most of the quotes you see in every social platform Instagram, Facebook and others are made by using canva.

Today you can clearly see that infographics are ruling Everywhere on social media. Everyone using it to attract people and I think In the next days it will become the most usable digital marketing tool.

Infographics have completely changed the way of blogging. Now in the present scenario, there is no such website where you don’t see any infographics.

For making Infographics Canva is doing a great job by providing us with attractive designs and themes.

As you now understand the Benefits of writing Quote and why should you start writing Quote. Now let’s talk about how do you can start writing Quote.

How do I can write the Quote? and how do I can get the idea of writing a quote?

Probably these are the questions coming to your mind Right now. well, writing inspiring Quote is not as difficult as you think. You just need to think about the experiences you are getting in your life.

How I write quote is I write what goes into my life. Whatever I am doing in my life Everyday I am learning something and getting Experiences. This small experiences giving me the idea of Writing Quote.

Suppose I have accomplished a challenge today and Now I am thinking about how I won this challenge. Which strategy and tactics I have used while facing the challenge. If I think about this in deep then I get the words, ideas of my own Experience and which I can implement in my Quote. I can make the Quote is ”

Don’t waste your energy in shouting use in performing.

Like this way, anyone can write their own Quote as per their Experience.

Sometimes when I learn from others Experience I implement it in Quote. I assure you when you get inspired by other Quote or message then eventually you get the ideas of writing Quote.

It is the same as blogging. I read a ton of blog post and I learn a lot something unique in Every post. and whenever an inspiring message comes in a blog I add something of myself to it and share it with others via quote.

So Now I don’t think writing your own Quote is difficult.

Start writing Quote from today Guys.

Please feel free to ask me any Query in the comment section. I would love to answer your Question.



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