6 Realistic ways to change yourself by introspection.

Today I am going to talk about introspection. Yes, you heard right .why I need to introspect myself and why introspection is necessary. But before going to these topics let me clarify what exactly is introspection.

In my definition introspection mean Examine of your own thoughts, feelings emotions, behaviour, day to day activity and anecdote. In other words, Introspection means Examine of your own activities which you do Everyday it could be physically or mentally.

Also, It can be a situation which you have faced and now you want to analyze that situation to find the pros and cons of that situation with reference to your actions.

As an example, I have presented a business plan today in front of a large audience. now, I want to analyse it so here what I do is I introspect my presentation by analyzing questions which come to my mind while introspecting like

  • How it was?
  • How it was going?
  • Did I miss something?
  • What mistakes I did?
  • Was the audience enjoying my presentation?
  • Have I spoken wrong?
  • Was I looking confident?
  • How was my body posture while speaking?
  • Was I covering stage?
  • What else I could have done to make my presentation more awesome.
  • did I stop?
  • did I fumble?

These are the questions I analyze .when I introspect these questions a virtual image comes to the mind of my presentation and this virtual image answers all my questions. This is what practical example of introspection.

Why do I need to introspect myself?

We live the hectic lifestyle, don’t we? and In this lifestyle, we face challenges every day some challenges we win some challenges we lose but one thing we need to focus more on is introspection because it makes our hard work into smart work. As an example of mine. I analysis my day in the night so that I get to know which activities I need to focus more.

Introspection is the only way which makes me consistent in Growing. It helps me to find the weakness I have in myself which I need to improve. Introspecting is a great Way which makes me mature Every day because it helps me to examine and analysis my day.

Yes, I can proudly say that I am growing fast because of introspection.

Benefits of introspecting.

1. Tomorrow will be better –

If you do Analysis the last day activities you have done then you will have the better tomorrow because you know which mistakes you don’t need to repeat again. Every day I do exercise and every day I Introspect so that the mistakes I have done today I do not repeat tomorrow. This makes me grow every day. It’s not just about exercise it could be any, activities.

2. You will have a sharp mind

When your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, filter out then you will have filter thinking in every situation. It makes your mind sharp like a scissor. Your way of seeing a situation will completely change .And it can only happen if you introspect daily.

3. Decision-making skills improve.

Yes sounds right the day when I start introspecting myself from that day to today I have seen so many Improvements especially in Decision-making skills .now I can take the right decision on the right time. Because of Introspection, I know what decisions are best for me and what decisions I don’t need to take.

4. You will better know yourself.

Right, if you start introspecting yourself every day then you will understand yourself more .you will get to know about your plus points and negative points. This makes you experience how you can improve yourself more. It is a little difficult to become a good human being until and unless you introspect yourself daily.

5. New ideas come to your mind.

Yes, whenever I introspect myself new ideas comes to my mind and this new ideas really help me to conquer daily challenges. Not just ideas, strategies also come which helps me in competition.

6. Your behaviour will improve.

Personally, my behaviour is changed because of introspection. lots of changes I have seen in myself from past years to now. If I hadn’t start introspecting myself then I couldn’t have seen these massive changes in myself.

Lots of questions come to mind when I examine my day to day activities like

  • I could have done this work better.?
  • Why I couldn’t have done this.?
  • Have I made someone smile today?
  • Why I did it wrong?
  • What did i do?
  • I didn’t mean to hurt you.
  • What makes me worry about the future.?
  • Why I am afraid of this.?
  • If not today then when I will do this work.
  • What matters most in my life?
  • What do I need to change about myself?
  • Does it really matter what others think about me?

Hope these questions you can relate easily and i hope you start introspecting from right now….

6 Realistic ways to change yourself by introspection.


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