About Us

       Maitraway.com is Founded by Mrs. D.L.Kothawale and Mr D.M. Zaware both and theirs team is based
in Ahmednagar city, Maharashtra.
The existence of www.maitraway.com is for serving the economically backward
people and thus contributing to the growth of our beloved country India. We have
identified two segments that need attention and care to make a difference to the
Helping poor children with education: We will be donating education to the poor
children to make them self sufficient in their lives. Education is the best and only
weapon to eliminate poverty. We intend to make a better society by upliftment of
the downtrodden and poor people. Our market research tells us that poverty is a
prime reason why so many children remain uneducated. The parents want to
educate their children, but because of the paucity of funds, they are unable to do
so. We sponsor education for the poor children by bearing all the expenses
related to educating them.
People affected by difficult circumstances: In addition to sponsoring education
for the underprivileged children, we also provide help to the people who have
been adversely affected by circumstances like natural calamities, a loss of earning
member in the family, etc. We provide them with food and clothing so that they
can survive the bad phase and get a chance to rebuild their lives.
The work is enormous and the two of us are putting in our best. Fortunately we
are receiving some support from our friends and we want more of you to be our
friends or ‘Maitra’ in this noble mission. ‘Maitra’ is a Sanskrit word for a ‘friend’
which is quite apt for our mission. We want to be friends to the underprivileged
and want likeminded friends to join us in this mission.
‘Maitraway.com’ is the highway that joins friends with friends.
Let us walk together on it; hand in hand….and make a positive difference… !!!

We are Happy to Listen Your suggestions and appreciation.

info@maitraway.com  –  maitraway@gmail.com