Adventurous places to visit in PUNE.

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Adventurous places to visit in Pune…!
Tired of the daily 9 to 5 routine of your life? Don’t want to go to office for few days? Want a
break? Well then Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra has ample number of things that you
won’t be able to resist! Yes, we mean it. Although pune is cultural capital of Maharashtra it
offers you some of the best adventures in India. If you are a free spirited bird then Pune is the
perfect gateway for you. This free spirited bird of your soul should no longer be caged in a small
cubicle of a dingy office! Come on; liberate your free bird for the breath taking adventures
places near Pune.

Adventurous places to visit in Pune...!
Adventurous places to visit in Pune…!

Paragliding in Kamset
Ever since our childhood we cherish a secret desire to fly in the sky just like birds. So come to
Kamset for the unique and mesmerizing experience of paragliding! Yes the thrilling paragliding
scenes which we have encountered in the movies can be experienced now by ourselves! In
Kamset you can have the experience of paragliding with the trained pilots and instructors. You
will really enjoy flying with the soft, clouds in the sky. You can choose among classic tandem,
instructional tandem and acro tandem.

Adventurous places to visit in Pune…!

Rajmachi trek
Are you a nature lover? Then rajmachi trek is the best destination for you. By walking only we
can be closest to Mother Nature. Rajmachi trek is one of the most adventurous trekking spots
in Maharashtra. This trek will lead you to Rajmachi fort which is really beautiful. This trek
located in the Sahyadri mountain range is full of lush greenery and scenic beauty.

Adventurous places to visit in Pune…!

Harihar trek 
This is another trekking destination for all nature lovers. This trek is located in the
Tryambakeshwar ranges in Maharashtra. Walking along this trek you will pass through Harishar
and Anjaneri regions of Igatpuri. While crossing this trek you will encounter lush greenery,
nearly dark forests and uneven and rugged terrains! Many beautiful streams are also in the
way. This will be a never forgetting experience for you.

Adventurous places to visit in Pune...!
Adventurous places to visit in Pune…!

Camping in kolad
We all are always looking for the escapes and escapades from the busy and hectic city life. So
Kolad situated 113 K.M from Pune is an ideal place for you. Situated on the banks of
mesmerizing river Kundalika this is a small, serene village. It is a paradise for all nature lovers.
You can also have a memorable experience of campfire near the river. So have fun in this
adventurous weekend place near Pune for collecting everlasting memories in your mind.

Kundalika river rafting in Kolad
When we hear about river rafting, suddenly Himalayan locations flash in our mind. But to your
much surprise this adventure sport is also possible near Pune. Yes, gushing and gurgling river
Kundalika offers you the river rafting experience even in Pune, Maharashtra! This adventurous
weekend place near Pune will definitely gives you an amazing experience.
So what are you waiting for? Come on relish these adventures places near Pune which you
always wanted to do! best Of Luck from Maitraway…!!!!!

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