Bow Dawn to Flame
“The desire for one or the many lights,
The heart is lightening,
For everyone’s longevity …..
A traditional flame blower,
The cow is waved,
To preserve the tradition of the past.
A gentle flame of soft sour cream,
The affectionate of relationships,
To create a relationship between each other ……..
A soft flame hanging candle,
Self-absorbing light,
Inconceivable  abstinence, modesty …….
A microscopic flame,
Wishing healthy centrifugal,
From hygiene to affluent health
To take ……….
A sparkling flame of chap,
Self respecting  Brightly Stays,
In the hut to make dream of the palace ………….
A mercury of a divine flame,
From the first to the second,
Education to disperse the rights of education till deprived little kids……
A light flame of Kanika’s lamp,
The child is self-shaped,
Hugging Sarja -Raja,
To support the happiness and misery of the owner …
An intense flame flashes of lightning,
Destructive of human beings,
To maintain handrails on women’s clothing ………
One responsibility is to shine the light of lantern,
Enemy stance on the horizon,
To swear oath of countrymen.
An unbroken flame of ‘Amarjyoti’
The mother of the motherland,
For the happy life of the countrymen,
The martyrs of death,
For immortality ………
A flame flame is lit with a lamp,
All the brilliant lights in the sky,
To penetrate your mind,
To make your life ‘light’ …..

@ # poem by # Dhanashri kothawale

Bow Dawn to Flame
Bow Dawn to Flame



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