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Places in Kokan
Places in Kokan Our state Maharashtra has been rewarded with ample paces of natural beauty. The geography of this state is very unique in the sense that, it is very much diverse. It contains plains, plateaus, hills mighty mountain ranges of Sahyadri, Western Ghats and the golden and unforgettable beaches of the whole Konkan coast. The Konkan coast stretches all along the western...
Hill stations around Pune
Hill stations around Pune Everybody feels exhausted and tired from the daily routine and needs a break from time to time! Such short breaks and holidays are very necessary to recharge our bodies and souls. Even our state Maharashtra has been gifted by so many beautiful destinations that it becomes difficult to choose from. There are beautiful hill-stations, laced with greenary, there are...
Adventurous places to visit in Pune...!Tired of the daily 9 to 5 routine of your life? Don’t want to go to office for few days? Want abreak? Well then Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra has ample number of things that youwon’t be able to resist! Yes, we mean it. Although pune is cultural capital of...
A weekend is for relaxing and rejuvenating. A good weekend spent gives energy for the coming week and it relieves you of the stress of the week gone by. Taking that weekend trip can take you away not just from your daily surroundings, but also relieve your mind from the boredom of a monotonous life. Routine gets...