The highest peak in the world is “Sagarmatha” or “Everest Shikhar or peak “. The base camp trek is organized for this summit. In this Mission Everest Base Camp 2019 campaign, the son of Parner taluka will be participating and the amateur hill treker  of wasunde village, Mr. Digvijay zaware  will be participating. It’s going to be a proud thing. Speaking about the campaign, Mr.zaware further said that our mission is not only limited to a venture but we aim to preserve a social commitment by creating social awareness and organizing this campaign at the headquarters of “United Nations” in the United States of America “New York”. “He for She” gender equality, and the innovative social tool like Life of Land The world will be supported by the world’s tallest Mount Everest Peak base camp. While giving information about the Everest crew base camp, Mr. Zaware said, “Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC)” is not a precautionary measure for the mountaineer Olympic Games. He also has to prepare for physical and mental well-being.

@ # Pre-Preparation –

# 1 Before you have set up the Everest base camp trek for Nepal, you should have made as many asts of Maharashtra possible. The bustling market with

# 2 is certainly more severe. Therefore, it must be done to prepare for the withdrawal of Sinhgad.

# 3 (EBC) and black stone is not topped. If that does not make sense. Due to the elevation of Everest base camp, Khumbu glacier can be seen.

# 4 Trekking means you have the ability to run as long as you want the ability to climb the mountain.

# 5 Because the weather here always changes. At such times, you can increase the capacity of the lungs through Yoga by doing suryanamaskar or pranayama.

# 6 Your equipment is important in addition to physical preparation. There should be a reserve set of thermals, caps, goggles and more.

The weather here is certainly very unfavorable. It is up to 30 ° C. This base camp is located at an elevation of 17,598 feet above sea level. The total period of this campaign is 15 days. It will be Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is going to be a challenging journey from Kathmandu to Lukla and from there to the next base camp.

For this campaign, Mr. Digvijay zaware will leave for Pune on April 29 – for Nepal. However, in the next coming period, young men and women who are physically fit and want to participate in such campaigns should contact the following number.
Mr. Digvijay Manohar zaware Contact-9284727426,
E-mail –
For more detail  visit the following website:


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