Most of us saw Sunny Leone for the first time in our lives when she had starred in a Bollywood movie Jism 2 in 2012. Some people (mainly men) in India must me knowing about her past work experience and acting abilities; but she became a household name in India after Jism 2 happened to her. Sunny Deol’s nick name ‘Sunny’ was now taken away from him. ‘Sunny’ was now only meant and understood for Leone. Jism 2 was a very apt film for Sunny’s abilities indeed as she became an instant hit! Can anyone question that Oscar deserving Sunny performances? The past work experience that Sunny had was also in films that demanded her Jism. From Teenagers to Senior citizens, all were going looking forward to more of Sunny now and the producers,directors,actors….everyone obliged. Mahesh,John,Khan….allobliged! Sunny was now getting ‘worked upon’ in regional and Bollywood movies. Herother skills like acting were also getting seen a bit. Could anyone possiblyshake the confidence of Sunny by criticizing her? Is that possible? No one has that ability. People shake instead; when Sunny shakes herself. Then in 2013, Sunny shone bright in Shootout at Wadala. John Abraham wasalso noticed by many in that song ‘Laila’ which Sunny had danced to.Another movie, Jackpot came her way this year. In the year 2014, Ragini MMS 2 had Sunny renamed as “Baby Doll” as that song from that horror flick became a chartbuster. Now it was the turn of the South Indian movie makers to try out Sunny and she got enough money to star in ‘Vadacurry’ in 2014. She did her best work in another 3 movies in 2014. So, overall Sunny worked in 5 films. Must have made more money than Akshay Kumar for sure! Come 2015 and she made her Kannada movie debut. The Bollywood and South movie makes were getting dependent on Sunny’s skills to make theimovie noticeable or spicy. So 1 regional and 4 Hindi movies for Sunny in The year 2016 was equally good as she again got to work in 5 films, again beating Akshay in income…..probably! Suddenly, in 2017, her demand dropped as she starred in just 3 movies. (Iam not mentioning the names of movies as you all can Google it). What’s happening? We are nearing the end of the year 2018 and there is no Sunny shining! Where has she gone? Has she received threats from somewhere? Or there is some political intervention? There has to be something big here otherwise who can make the ‘Sunny’ who had a rise from the west to go down like Sunset and that too in the East? What do you think?


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