How precious is trust

Ya it is a 5 letter small word which we often use in our daily routine .This word seems simpler to use in everyday but it affects so powerful which comes either in positive or negative way …what’s happening in today’s life everyone is using it freely without taking care of it’s results..No one knows how precious is trust ..Jave you ever felt the pain when someone broke you trust ..ya it pains when someone don’t care about it ..we usually trust someone whom we knows deeply or whom we have shared everylittle thing to everybigger thing of our life ..But if the person don’t care about your trust then it really pains in heart ..Think about that person whom you have disclosed all your h

Fwd: How precious is trust
Fwd: How precious is trust

happiness , problems, sorrow before but now that person has crooked you. They didn’t care about your trust .. Exactly it pains..

A person can forgive someone for their mischief but not so stupid to trust him/her again and Sorry is not the excuse of breaking trust because sorry doesn’t work as a heart joiner..

Trust is not a word it is the soul connection of someone whom we knows someone whom you love whom around you feel safe whom you want to share happiness..The main thing before trusting someone make sure that he /she will do work in favour of you..

Everyone pretends that they are following the trust of someone but in reality they are not following. They just make us feel that we are trusting the right person …If you really trust someone than trust yourself then trust other..

Trust comes and goes so don’t get sad and just forget about it and start a new beginning of life …

Trust yourself first then someone other is the combination of time ,respect, understandibility, support, togetherness. it’s not a word it is LIFE..

(At the end specially for lovers)😍😍


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