Is Priyanka Chopra Pregnant???






Pee Cee as she is fondly called, or even Desi Girl for that matter; Priyanka
has decided to go the Videshi way. She is going to live life the American way
as she is now engaged to Nick Jonas; the actor and a famed singer.
American culture accepts girls getting pregnant and even having children
without marriage; which is not at all acceptable in Indian culture. The pace
at which things have happened between Nick and Priyanka leaves a doubt in
the mind “Is Priyanka pregnant?”
Let us look at the events and how fast they have occurred, culminating in
their engagement.

June 2018
Nick and Priyanka stepped out together for the first time as a couple at JFK
International Airport.
Also, Priyanka accompanied Nick Jonas as his date to Nick’s cousin Rachel
Tamburelli’s wedding in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They then came to India,
where Nick met Priyanka’s mother, Madhu and also attended Akash
Ambani’s pre-engagement party.


July 2018
The couple was spotted wearing matching gold bands on their right hands
and Priyanka celebrated her birthday in London with Nick.


August 2018
Jonas and his parents, Denise and Kevin Jonas Sr., flew to India in August
2018 to meet Priyanka Chopra’s family and their engagement was made
official with a traditional Roka ceremony.


Thus from June to August; things have happened too fast. This doesn’t
go down well even if you are looking at it the American way or even the
Indian way! Generally the dating part goes on for quite some time
before getting engaged or married. In Priyanka’s case, the dating time
is too short. This is not so easy to digest! Therefore it is very logical for
a doubt to pop up in the mind as to what made the actress take the
decision so fast? Is she in the family way already like what had
happened with Sridevi! Is Priyanka going the Sridevi way? Sridevi and
Boney kapoor had married in haste because Sridevi had got pregnant
before marriage and they wanted to have a legitimate child.

No one can be sure about why there is a sense of urgency in Priyanka’s
engagement. One reason could certainly be Priyanka’s pregnancy and
another could be Priyanka’s age. She is already 36 and how long can a
women wait if she desires a natural motherhood? Especially when
someone like Nick Jonas is in question, there seems to be no point in
waiting any more. She has found a successful life partner for herself
whose worth is in billions!
Whatever it is, we just have to wait and watch and the truth will reveal
itself. Right now, we just want to wish the couple a very happy time
Jaideep Khodaskar

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