Kedarnath: A tribute to Kedarnath flood victims of 2013
The much awaited debut film of Sara Ali Khan, the candid daughter of actors Saif Ali Khan and
Amrita Khan was released on 7th December 2018. The film’s opening is being considered good
by the film Pundits. Well! You may wonder but the kedarnath movie box office collection is
700 crores in the initial two days of its release. This is a love story between a Muslim boy and a
Hindu girl. The film is directed by Abhishek Kapur. If you are still thrilled by the climax scenes of
the Oscar winning movie of 1997, Titanic, well, then this movie can give you the glimpse of the
same thrill and excitement. The climax scenes of the flood are really shot well. Since the people
had actually witnessed the devastating scenes of the flood back in 2013, they can easily relate
with these shots in the film and the scenes do not look exaggerated or dramatic. As far as the
acting is concerned, both the lead actors of the film i.e. Sushant Singh Rajput and debutant Sara
Ali Khan have given satisfactory performances and have done quite justice to their respective
roles. Especially, Sara Ali Khan whose performance was much awaited and speculated has lived
up to the expectations. Hats off to the cinematographer of the film Tushar Kanti Ray who shot
real flood scenes in the last 30 minutes that has done wonders for the film. Somewhere in the
film a hint has also been dropped about the commercialization of the pilgrimage centers in the
modern India.
In the few opening scenes, the viewers are introduced with breath-taking beauty of the Hindu
pilgrimage centre Kedarnath by the expert maneuvering of the camera. The viewers are just
lost in the picturesque Himalayas, the gurgling Mandakini River, and the hustle and bustle of
the pilgrims. And throughout the film, the viewers cannot ignore the background beauty of this
pilgrimage town. The hero of the film has been shown a porter who carries the pilgrims up the
high mountains to reach the holy shrine- sometimes on his mule Rustom, mostly on his back.
The story advances as he sees a beautiful and bold daughter of a Pundit and eventually falls in
love with her. Needless to say that this ‘Sangam’ does not seem to be happening due to
communal differences and culminates into the matter of life and death. There is a dialogue in
the film in which the heroine says that if she cannot unite with her beloved, she will pray for
the ‘Pralay’ and then the devastating floods are shown. This dialogue has been trolled on the
social media for being ‘insensitive’ and unnecessarily connecting the real natural disaster with
an imaginary love story!
Well, what viewers have to say and comment about the film, we better leave it to them, but
overall 3 out of 5 can be given to the film.
So, after getting an idea of kedarnath movie story, anyone can say that kedarnath movie box
office collection is worth.

Kedarnath: A tribute to Kedarnath flood victims of 2013



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