So if the church is taking you today to a new, unfamiliar place for many spectacular Scene then let’s get started.
Friends, our relationship to nature is almighty in the universe. This triangular truth is something we have learned in school life, but in my view, it is the Almighty nature as well as the best architect in the universe. But in my opinion, with nature being almighty, it should be the best architect in the universe. Nowadays we see civil engineers building skyscrapers, modern buildings with the help of modern tools in the field of construction.
But the fact that no one can equalize this nature, who creates amazing natural works of art, which are awe-inspiring without any special tools. “In essence” this Marathi word is very true in nature.
The church is familiarizing you with such an exquisite, spectacular, architectural pattern. That is, the Necklace Point, located near the town of “Bhore”, the headquarters of the taluka in the district of Pune.
Many people may now question the church ??? What if the “necklace point” is meant to be so special .. ??? ??? What church, don’t you remember … ?? Where the hell is that …….. Well, wait for a little ??????? I tell you… Most of you, (especially married) congregations know that “necklace” is well known .. because to my knowledge, “necklace” is considered a well known and very expensive gold ornament in women. !!
I assume that people have probably seen their fiancee wearing a “necklace” on a festive occasion, as well as on a festive occasion.
Anyway, “Necklace” is a wonderful ornament of a woman’s beauty. Likewise, there are numerous “necklace” ornaments in the treasures of nature. About the necklace point .It is one of them, we will go into detail through this article.
Necklace point
The state of Maharashtra,
District: – Pune,
Tahsil: -Bhor.
Necklace Point: –
From the “Kapoorohl” village on the Pune-Satara State Highways, take a left turn, your journey begins, towards dawn.
In the surrounding farmland, the rice fields are fried. On the far side of the field, there is a situation like a greenery.
In the surrounding farmland, paddy green crops are frosted. An unobstructed bush is ready to welcome some “green shawls”
Highlights: –
“Necklace point”
The congregation … As the dawn approaches the city, a short view of the small ghatwaja road leads to a scenic view of the oncoming passenger.
It is a semi-circular diversion, the “Yelwandi” river flowing from afar, the lifeblood of the dawn. The natural semi-circular structures are compared to that place Rivargatila is well-known decoration company “necklace” That is the place to be called “the point Necklace” lagalevisesatah pavasalya
Historical Bhatghar Dam: –
From here, on the “Yelwandi” river, the Bhatghar dam is about 150 feet high, built in the entire British Isles. , Teak plants, various ornamental flowers and so on Rakaraci I think that is enough to eliminate his fatigue nisargasampada
During the rainy days, thick white smoke is spread over this Kharghar dam area. White waterfalls ebbing from the surrounding mountains. Wherever you look, nature is ready to welcome you with a green shawl
In this scenic area, everyone must visit at least once during the rainy days. It is my opinion … because, in nature, our mind gains a different kind of consciousness. Man is filled with different energy.
Therefore, for the tourists of Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bhosari, Hinjwadi, This area has a “necklace point” on a rainy day.


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