Never Wash these food items Before Cooking!
As a matter of fact, washingnon veg food like raw poultry, pork, lamb, fish, etc.before
cooking it is not recommended. Surprised? Don’t be!
You certainly are astonished as this seems to be against the practice that is followed by almost
everyone cooking non-veg food at their homes in India. This washing of the non-veg food is a
normal practice at our homes since the time unknown. So why and how is it wrong? How can
the blood and other debris sticking to the non-veg food be removed then without washing?
Let us understand everything as I list down the answers one by one.

Never Wash these food items Before Cooking!

Never Wash these food items Before Cooking!

Why the washing of non-veg food is not recommended : Two main reasons.
1. When you wash, there is a big possibility of the bacteria in rawmeat and poultry juices to
spread to other things that come in contact with it or with that water used to wash the non-veg
food …..example: Surfaces of utensils or sink used for washing. This is referred to as cross-
2. When meat is washed, the moisture content of the meat increases. When such meat is
cooked, steam is produced which affects the taste of the food. So if you’re looking for that
perfectly fried meat, avoid the washing with water.
How to remove the sliminess from the surface of the chicken meat without washing it?
If you need to remove the sliminess from the chicken, use a paper towel and try patting the
chicken with it. Remember to dispose off that paper properly or it may cause cross
I cannot do without washing my non-veg food as I need to remove the dust, blood, etc from
the surface of the meet. How do I avoid the risk of bacterial cross-contamination?
Cleanliness and adhering to the guidelines mentioned below will reduce or eliminate the risk of
bacterial cross-contamination.
1. Place the meat in a sink or bowl which will not be used in preparing other food items.
Remove all other dishes near to or around the meat being prepared. Keep only those
utensils that will be used for cooking the meat or washing it.

2. Always use metal or glass bowls to hold, store or season the meat. The metal and glass
bowls can be cleaned with bleach or by heating at extreme temperatures. Plastic and
wooden bowls will hold the bacteria or pathogens, so they should not be used.
3. Take care not to splash water when cleaning the meat and always wear gloves and an
4. If you are using the sink for washing the non-veg food, decontaminate it after the use.
5. Always keep your meat preparation boards separate and exclusive.
Stay healthy!


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