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 Friends, everyone is in a hurry in the morning. Everyone is in a hurry to get ready early and wrap up and go out for office or work. That is why today I am bringing you the recipe of instant and simple, nutritious, tasty, delicious, attractive ‘Chicken Sandwich’ for breakfast.  Today we are going to teach you how to make all the necessary ingredients, spices and delicious chicken sandwiches. Let’s go and taste the chicken sandwich ….


Ingredients required for making Chicken Sandwich: –
1 # boneless chicken,
 2 # sandwich bread slices,
 3 # mayonnaise,
 4 # grated cabbage,
 5 # salt,
 6 # red chilli powder,

 Lets learn How to make Chicken Sandwich: –
1 # First of all, let us clean the boneless chicken 2-3 times with hot water.
 2 # Then they clean the boneless chicken you
 When it is boiled in a cooker, it is boiled properly in 2-3 whistles.
 3 # After boiling, remove it from the cooker and take it to another pot.
 4 # Then add mayonnaise to the bread slices.
 5 # Then spread the pre-grated cabbage.
 6 # Then put the boiled boneless chicken pieces on the bread slices spread with cabbage-mayonnaise.
 7 # Then add salt and chilli powder to taste.
 8 # And now you put a slice of bread with mayonnaise on it so that your chicken sandwich is ready for breakfast.


 Recipe courtesy: –
 Tasty tongues by Chef Dhanesh


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