The way to become Artistic Bold speaker

The art of delivering a speech confidently with clarity that can mesmerize audience, this is what which everyone wants and this can be only develop by getting the experience of speaking .To become like a artistic bold speaker we have to get the experience otherwise we can not become a confident speaker… public speakers who speaks confidently also had faced the first experience . This first experience of every public speaker is consist of intimation,hesitation,thrembling , shivering, humiliation, nervousness and afraid.The first experience of every public speaker is all about intimation..

Advance Public speakers who had gone through this experiences can tell you about their first experience ..but the point is that this public speakers didn’t care about intimation, nervousness, thrembling..they had faced the first experience because they know if they don’t get the first experience then how will they become a better public speaker..they didn’t care about first experience they just continuing the process of getting experiences…now they became a advance public speaker..

So if we want to become a good public speaker .then we have to face this kind of experiences and if we are afraid of this experiences and afraid of people making laugh of us ,then just let them do their job that is laughing..and do your job of getting the first experience .

Nowadays everyone wants to become a good public speaker and wants to communicate like the advance speakers but at the same time they are also afraid of speaking or delivering a speech or even showing the business plan for the first time .. getting experiences is the only step of becoming a public speaker…

I believe in this phrase

Face your fear and your fear disappears.

Ya it’s true that fear can’t disappear until you face it.

If you guys believe that becoming a wonderful artistic confident speaker is impossible than you better know this can be possible it is possible because people have made it possible . Just face your wall of fear until it brokes .The other side of the wall your dream is waiting for you to come true . whatever you wish for or whatever you want to become is on the other side waiting for you . hit like a bull keep your eyes on the wall of fear and keep hitting the wall until it falls until it brokes …just keep hitting the wall. you may feel shiver ,you may feel thremble, you may feel nervousness, but keep hitting the wall,then your dream comes possible.. because it looks always impossible until it’s done and people have done it so why don’t we can do it .

Let’s do it.

You all know

All good speakers were bad speakers at first.

The way to become Artistic Bold speaker
The way to become Artistic Bold speaker


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