Top technology trends in 2019

As the life is growing faster and competitive, predicting the trends skips ahead of your thinking,
however the Top technology trends in 2019 will be fascinated by the rapid and correct decision
making and as such importance is of prompt and non- controversial actions.
The pace of progress is so fast that an IT professional at work has to tune his or her temperament
with accelerating advancements and new technological inductions .Hence, in 21 st century, the IT
professional is required to refresh and update his knowledge, the continuous process learning.
Forecasting the future and staying neck to neck with the changing Top technology Trends in 2019 is
the demand to identify the skills to execute the types of jobs.
Acquainting with the upcoming new technology trends in 2019 and getting trained in one of these
for establishing the required fulfillment of jobs created by these trends.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Pre-Planned Modules by activating the various Pros and Cons of happenings and their repercussions
in our work, lifestyle and games .AI leads to the building of such computer systems which can
imitate intelligence, work execution by identifying images, sounds or patterns and finally prompt and
exact decision making, which is non- controversial at the same time.AI facilitates the accurate and
faster task execution the man.AI has intervene in other branches also including Machine Learning.
The concept of AI is about 60 years old. But, now, the use of AI in navigation guiding streamlining
services personal assistance in house hold work operation of appliances, smart phones, and ride
sharing apps. In addition personal & domestic uses ,this is widely used in setting up maintenance
schedules ,Train movement schedules ,combating Business Risks, and Energy saving , through this
tremendous saving of Time and money is noticed.
The clear indication of AI is reduction of other Human interference, as such this leads to reduction in
job opportunities, at the same time evolves more jobs in developing Artificial Intelligence
programmes, and their testing, support and maintenance. This will soon give tough fight to Data
Scientists and evolve more than 23 million jobs for skilled professionals by 2020.


Machine Learning is a sector of AI, sense to more easy operation and acquiring better and more
innovative results. The computers are programmed to do for which they are not meant to do so.
Neural network, natural language processing and deep learning are some domains associated with
Machine Learning.
All kind of Industries are now, rapidly adopting Machine Learning whether Supervised or un
unsupervised jobs to meet the huge requirements of professionally skilled employees leads to more
career options in this field such as Engineers, researchers, developers, and data scientists to enhance
growth in data mining, data analytics, and recognition of trends. .
3. Robotic Process Automation or RPA
RPA is a technology similar to AI and Machine Learning .RPA carry out the repetitive tasks of
automated business process like interpreting applications, data dealing and transaction processing.
RPA is also used for automated reply to E-Mails. Though it seems that this RPA will destroy job
opportunities, but it is creating a good quantum of jobs in IT as developers, project Managers,
analysts, solution architects and consultants. It is nice to opt in this field for career prosperity.
4. Block Chain.
In a very simplest form Block Chain is a program with high security features, in which only addition of
data can take place without changing any prior entries.
Hence this is used in cryptocurrency dealings like Bitcoin .
Prospective job opportunities are evolving, as Block Chain Technique is becoming populous in
upcoming technologies in 2019. Its wide use in personal medical data, supply chain and rapidly
expanding to art, retail, Health care and manufacturing sectors. As such this is going to become one
of the largest job creators for Blockchain developers. The job opportunities will also arise in
Financial Institutions for Software Engineers, Consultants, Data analyst etc.. The Block Chain has
security and full proof program that not third party is required for validating the transactions.

5. Edge Computing
Many web services are using Cloud Computing for getting data from various servers. But the
limitations and latency the Edge Computing came into existence, as Edge Computing bypass the
latency and process time-sensitive Data in remote locations and places of no connectivity with
centralized location..The Edge Computing will dominate with increased use of Internet of Things in
forthcoming years. This will grow the job prospects for Software Engineers.

6. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
VR is used for formation of Environment for user to get the feeling to execute the Task or Game in
that Environment. Whereas AR enhances their Environment. The area of utilisation is covering
training, education, entertainment, rehabilitation and even marketing. It was used in US Army, Navy
etc for training ship captains. The potential for job is more due to short supply of skilled persons and
further, it doesn’t require any specialised knowledge, only Basic Programming. The huge demand for
VR and AR programmers exist with Oculus, Google, Pepsi, and Samsung.

7. Cyber Security
A very interesting job, where, you have to acquire supremacy on Hackers. These Hackers comprise of
exceptionally talented and hard working individuals with tremendous skill to break the security
measures and attain data to be used as per their requirement.
Acute shortage of work force is felt in the field of Cyber Security Professionals, to overcome the
Hackers planning specialisation in hardware authentication, cloud technology, and deep learning is
needed. It is estimated that tremendous opportunities are arising in this promising career.
8. Internet of Things.
Internet of Things as it sounds correctly refers to use of internet to control your devices, whether
Domestic, commercial, industrial. As it is clear that car locks, home appliances, oven preheating,
Residential Door locking and opening, medical care, predictive maintenance, lift operation etc are
very common. Presently more than 8 billion IOT devises are in use and this may boost to more than
30 billion IOT Devises by 2020. The increased use of IOT will naturally boom the necessity of
developers and adoption specialist.

Stay tune with Maitraway…!

Top technology trends in 2019
Top technology trends in 2019


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