Travel… explore yourself.
Where to travel this season? How to pack your bags for the journey? What are the Do’s and
Dont’s of travel; this is not what this article is about. Innumerable people are already doing
enough of that online. We would like you to travel for the sake of taking yourself to the next level
of living. Travel for the sake of improving or exploring that free soul that lives in you. Travel for
setting the heart free which is barricaded with beliefs that are sometimes our own or have been
imposed upon us since birth.
Travel does more than taking you away from the daily grind and making you feel happy about
the change that you got from the routine. The biggest gift that travel gives to you is that it gives
yourself back to you.
Whom to travel with?
A very important question for us in India is whom should you go with on a leisure travel.
Going out with the family:
Travelling with the family is a useful exercise. It helps in releasing the internal pressure that
builds up within the members of the family and it has a good potential of building bonds and
understanding each other well. This is an excellent option for young and middle age families.
Travelling with old parents gives one of the best lessons in patience and tests your love for
them. How much caring and understanding you are can be explored through this journey.
Travelling with in laws is must for a man who has dared a marriage!
The impression about you in your wife’s family is mostly created by your wife only. Give the in
laws a chance to know who you are while you get an opportunity to explore the in laws. There
cannot be a better way to bond with your wife than undertaking this travel.
Travelling with friends:
This is one journey that always gives happy memories. You are what you are when you are with
Travelling solo: Travelling alone has not earned acceptance in India as yet. We do come
across stories of travelers going around the world on motorcycles, bicycles, skating, walking, via
public transport and what not. But these are mostly European, American or Australian travelers.
Indians too have dared travelling the globe solo, but they are a rare few.
For us, living life on our own terms is an alien concept. We mostly live by the societal norms and
follow what our parents tell us to do. We seldom follow our heart and thus are deprived of
greatness in life.
But travelling alone is the biggest self exploration exercise that one should undertake. Alone,
you meet your real self. Your joys, interests, sorrows, passion, fears….all raise their head at
opportune time to give you a true glimpse of yourself. This is one travel type that gives you a
reason to live your life. Travel the country or out of country alone. Explore the world and explore
yourself. Before you complete this journey of life, have a conversation with yourself. Travel with
your shadow for a good number of days.

So, Go Now & Explore Yourself….!
Maitraway wish you a Happy Journey….! 


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