Why Should One Learn Virtual Reality In 2019?
Why Should One Learn Virtual Reality In 2019?

Why Should One Learn Virtual Reality In 2019?

We are living in a phenomenal time where technological innovations are improving the quality
of our lives. The future looks promising as technological breakthroughs like machine learning,
big data analysis, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things is all set to
make our lives better than ever before.
There is a popular opinion that the impact of Virtual Reality is going to be humungous
outsmarting what the smartphone did. On the offset, this claim may appear farfetched.
However, if you consider the true potential of this technology and the broad horizon of its
application you cannot help but be optimistic about it. VR is more than just a tool kit to
visualize your aspirations. If you have ever dream t of being a racing car driver or an astronaut
then virtual reality lets you live your dreams.
The growth of the VR market is impressive
The demand for VR developers is on the rise as this technology is being embraced in several
industries. If stats are to be believed then VR is going to be a towering 40 billion dollar industry
by 2020. The global turnover of the VR industry is going to reach an impressive $20 billion mark
by the end of 2020.
Thus, it becomes evident that the virtual reality market is growing at an impressive rate. In the
process, as more companies and businesses will consider entering the market there will be
plenty of virtual reality jobs will come to the forefront.
Type of jobs available in the virtual reality career path
Setting up a career in virtual reality is quite similar to the course of becoming a software
engineer or a software developer. You need to have a good grasp of different programming
languages and their common syntax. It is imperative that you have a sound understanding of
the UX design and the hardware on which your applications will run.
You need to comprehend the virtual reality job prospects that are trending the market right
now and will in the near future. Analogous to software development you will find a common
career path in virtual reality too. It is inclusive of positions like:
 Software Engineer
 Content Producer
 AR and VR content Writers
 Product Management
 UI and UX design

 Quality Assurance
You need to realize that you will be shouldering the responsibility of creating a proprietary
software not for a console, desktop, or mobile device but for a VR system.
How to get started?
You must be wondering what is the stepping stone of a starting a virtual reality career? Are
there specific courses for VR development and training institutes? The answer is yes, and you
need to have software development and technical background to ensure success. Hence, to
begin with,get yourself enrolled in a computer science major at universities and community
colleges. It will set you on the right path.
If you are passionate about VR software then you need to be comfortable in the handling of 3D
modeling, design software, integrated development environments, and programming
languages including graphics programming and game development.
So, make a career in VR technology as it is going to boom in near future.


Why Should One Learn Virtual Reality In 2019?
Why Should One Learn Virtual Reality In 2019?


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